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Sport Fencing Gear

Ever wondered what gear you need to embark upon the exciting journey of sport fencing? Are you fascinated by this ancient yet modern sport? At Anchorage Fencing Club, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide to sport fencing gear, ensuring you're fully equipped to take up the challenge and become a formidable fencer! So, let's dive into the world of sports fencing gear and understand the essential elements of this unique sport.

1. Weapon of Choice

Sport fencing consists of three distinct categories - Foil, Épée, and Saber. Each has its own weapon, rules, and scoring system. To excel in the sport, you need to identify your weapon of choice and invest in the best quality equipment for it.


Foil is a thrusting weapon, and its blade is lightweight and flexible. The points are scored with the tip of the weapon by touching the opponent's torso.


Épée is a heavier thrusting weapon with a larger guard, and the entire body is considered the target area. Points are awarded when the tip touches any part of the opponent's body.


Saber is a cutting and thrusting weapon, with a flat and slightly curved blade. Points can be scored with both the tip and the edge of the blade, targeting the opponent's upper body.

2. Protective Clothing

In sport fencing, safety is paramount, and wearing the appropriate protective clothing will offer you the necessary shield against any potential injuries. Required protective gear includes:


A well-fitting fencing jacket with proper padding is essential for fencers. Available in different materials, the most common are made from cotton-polyester blends with varying degrees of puncture resistance. Typically, jackets with a higher "Newton" rating offer better puncture resistance.


A plastron is a half-jacket worn under the fencing jacket, providing additional protection for the sword arm and torso. For maximum safety, it should be worn with a high-impact plastic chest protector.


A padded fencing glove, specifically designed to protect the fencer's sword hand. Gloves come in various sizes and designs, with the extended cuff providing additional protection to the wrist and forearm.


Fencing-specific breeches or knickers cover both thighs and knees and are worn with long socks to completely cover the legs. They are typically designed for flexibility and durability.

Socks and Shoes:

Long fencing socks should be worn with special fencing shoes offering grip, flexibility, and ankle support.

3. Protective Masks and Accessories

Fencing mask is one of the most crucial protective gears to safeguard the face and head. Masks for each weapon have slight variations in design, and they must meet safety standards.


Choose a fencing mask that fits comfortably and securely, and make sure it complies with the regulations prescribed by the governing body of sport fencing. Specific masks are designed for Foil, Épée, and Saber, with the contour of the mask and the protective mesh varying between them.


A lame is a metallic vest worn over the fencing jacket by the foil and saber fencers. Connected to the electronic scoring system, it helps register valid hits.

Body Cord:

The body cord is an essential component that connects the fencer's weapon to the electronic scoring system, ensuring accurate scoring in competition.

Sport Fencing Gear Example:

Imagine yourself at a sport fencing competition, fully geared up in your fencing jacket, plastron, breeches, and socks. You're wearing a securely fitted, high-quality mask and holding your preferred weapon. Your body cord is attached to your lame (if you're fencing foil or saber), and you're surrounded by fellow fencers who have also invested in quality gear, ensuring safety for all participants. A well-prepared fencer is a confident and secure fencer, ready to excel in the sport and enjoy the excitement it brings.

Now that you've gained a comprehensive understanding of the essential sport fencing gear, you can make informed decisions about the equipment to invest in and embark on your fencing adventure with confidence. Anchorage Fencing Club is dedicated to providing you with the guidance, tips, and resources to excel in sport fencing. So, share this article with your fellow fencers and explore our other guides to become a well-rounded and formidable athlete in the world of fencing!


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