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What Type Of Fencing Sport Should I Do

What Type Of Fencing Sport Should I Do

Are you intrigued by the elegant, fast-paced world of fencing and looking to take up the sport? With different styles and weapons, it can be challenging to decide which type of fencing is the right one for you. Fear not, at Anchorage Fencing Club, we understand the challenge and are here to help you discover the perfect fencing sport for your interests and skills.

Understand the Three Types of Fencing

The sport of fencing includes three distinct styles, each with its own weapon:


Epee fencing is the closest to traditional dueling. The weapon is a heavier thrusting sword with a stiffer blade and a larger guard to protect the hand.

- Target Area: The entire body

- Touches Scored: By thrusting the point of the weapon into the opponent

- Right of Way: There is none; simultaneous touches can be awarded to both fencers


Foil fencing was initially developed as a training weapon for dueling. It uses a lighter, more flexible weapon with a smaller guard.

- Target Area: The torso, neck, and groin

- Touches Scored: By thrusting the point of the weapon into the target area

- Right of Way: Only the fencer who establishes right of way (initiates an attack or has priority) can score a touch


Sabre fencing is derived from military saber fighting and uses a light, curved weapon that can be used for both cutting and thrusting.

- Target Area: Everything above the waist, excluding the hands

- Touches Scored: By cutting or thrusting the weapon into the target area

- Right of Way: Similar to foil, only the fencer who establishes right of way can score a touch

Consider Your Personal Style and Goals

When choosing the type of fencing that is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What kind of physical fitness and athleticism are you looking for? Epee generally requires greater strength and precision, while foil and sabre are more about speed, agility, and tactics.

2. Are you more interested in the historical aspects of the sport, or do you prefer a modern, fast-paced style? Epee is the most traditional, while foil and sabre have evolved with the sport.

3. Which weapon appeals to you most? Consider the aesthetics, feel, and techniques associated with each weapon.

4. Are you competitive and looking to participate in tournaments, or do you just want a fun and engaging sport for recreation and fitness?

Visit Local Fencing Clubs and Try Each Weapon

To truly determine which fencing style suits you best, visit local fencing clubs, experience the culture, watch fencers in action, and ask for their advice. Most clubs will allow beginners to try out each weapon in a supervised environment. Getting hands-on experience with each weapon will help solidify your preference and guide your decision.

What Type Of Fencing Sport Should I Do Example:

Samantha's Fencing Journey:

Samantha was always intrigued by the sport of fencing. To decide which style was best for her, she researched each weapon and asked herself questions about her goals. She loved the traditional aspect of fencing and preferred the notion of focusing on physical strength over speed. Thus, she leaned towards epee.

She then visited the Anchorage Fencing Club, where she had a chance to try all three weapons under experienced supervision. After some practice, Samantha confirmed her preference for the epee and enrolled in an epee fencing class. She's now enjoying the sport, gaining physical strength, and participating in local epee tournaments.

Now that you have a better understanding of the various fencing styles and the factors to consider when choosing your weapon, you're one step closer to beginning your own fencing journey. Feel free to share this article with fellow aspiring fencers and explore our other informative guides at Anchorage Fencing Club. Together, we can celebrate the sport of fencing and help you excel in your chosen style.


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