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What Is The Best Sport For A Left Handed Person Fencing

What Is The Best Sport For A Left Handed Person Fencing

Did you know that being left-handed can offer you unique advantages in certain athletic pursuits, particularly in the highly skilled and strategic sport of fencing? As a leftie, you may just have an unexpected edge in this fascinating world of parry and riposte. If you’re looking for an engaging and dynamic sport that benefits from your unique handedness, look no further than fencing!

What Is The Best Sport For A Left Handed Person Fencing Table of Contents

The Advantages of Being Left-Handed in Fencing

Choosing the Right Fencing Style and Equipment for Left-Handers

The Advantages of Being Left-Handed in Fencing

Although left-handers make up just 10% of the general population, they enjoy surprising prevalence and success in fencing, posing unique challenges and benefiting from several crucial advantages. Some of the key perks lefties enjoy in fencing include:


  • Most fencers primarily train against right-handed opponents, meaning they may be less experienced and prepared when facing an unorthodox left-handed opponent. This unfamiliarity can lead to mistakes and hesitation, giving left-handed fencers a strategic edge.

Mirror Image Effect

  • Right and left-handed fencers create a mirror image, which can confuse opponents by requiring them to adjust their targeting and adapt to an altered guard position. This requires an additional level of adaptation and quick thinking from both fencers, which can often work to the leftie's advantage.

Left-Handed Weapon Angles

  • Left-handed fencers can often achieve unique and unexpected weapon angles, creating a challenge for right-handed opponents who may be used to more predictable strike trajectories. These surprise angles can be the decisive factor in a bout.

Choosing the Right Fencing Style and Equipment for Left-Handers

Although being left-handed presents numerous advantages on the piste, it is also essential to choose the right fencing style and equipment to ensure success in this sport.

Selecting a Fencing Style

There are three different fencing disciplines, each with its unique weapon and style: foil, épée, and sabre. Experimenting with all three styles to find what feels most comfortable and suits your strengths as a left-handed fencer would be ideal.

Finding Left-Handed Fencing Gear

Having the right equipment is crucial for left-handed fencers. Some essential items to purchase include:

  • A left-handed fencing glove
  • A grip designed for left-handed use (pistol or French grip)
  • A chest protector with proper orientation for left-handed fencers

Many fencing suppliers cater to left-handed fencers, so you should have little trouble assembling your custom equipment!

What Is The Best Sport For A Left Handed Person Fencing Example:

To better illustrate what the strategic advantages of being a left-handed fencer might look like in action, picture a bout between two skilled fencers: one left-handed and the other right-handed.

As the match begins, both fencers cautiously test each other's defenses with feints and probing attacks. The right-handed fencer, having faced mostly fellow right-handers throughout their training, struggles to adapt to their opponent's reversed stance and unanticipated weapon angles. Meanwhile, the left-handed fencer, more accustomed to adapting in this mirrored scenario, exploits these unfamiliar challenges, eventually managing to land the victorious point thanks to their unique handedness advantage.

There you have it, being left-handed may just make you the perfect candidate for the intricate, fast-paced world of fencing. With the right equipment and style selection, you can leverage your unique perspective on the piste, confounding opponents and reaching new heights of success in this exhilarating sport. If this article has piqued your interest in fencing, be sure to explore our other informative guides on the Anchorage Fencing Club's blog. And remember, fencing is a sport that thrives on diversity – lefties and righties alike! So be sure to share this article with your fellow left-handed friends and let them know how well they'd fare in the exciting world of fencing.


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