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Saber Sport Fencing Equipment

Saber Sport Fencing Equipment

Are you an aspiring or seasoned saber fencer looking to update your gear or get more information on the sport? Look no further! In this helpful guide from Anchorage Fencing Club, we will be discussing the essential saber fencing equipment, its features, and some top choices available today. Let's dive into the dynamic world of saber fencing and learn all about the gear that sets this sport apart!

1. The Saber

The saber is the most critical piece of equipment in this fencing discipline. It is a lightweight (max 500g) weapon with a total length that should not exceed 105 cm. The blade is mostly flat and slightly curved, designed for slashing and thrusting movements.

Top Saber Choices

  • Absolute Fencing's AF Advanced Gold Saber
  • Blue Gauntlet's BG S2000 Saber
  • Allstar's FIE "Grand Prix" Saber

2. The Mask

The mask is designed to protect the fencer's head and face, with sturdy mesh and padding. Saber masks differ from other fencing masks due to their conductive bib, which extends the target area from the original mask to cover the fencer's throat.

Mask Features

  • Detachable inner padding for cleaning
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Visor option for extra visibility

Top Mask Choices

  • Absolute Fencing's Saber Mask - Removable Lining
  • Allstar's "Econo" Saber Mask
  • Leon Paul's X-Change Saber Mask

3. The Jacket and Lame

A saber fencer wears two layers for upper body protection: the jacket and the lame. The jacket is made of durable material with padding to protect from hits while allowing flexibility. The lame, a metallic vest worn over the jacket, is an essential part of saber fencing as it defines the target area electronically.

Top Jacket and Lame Choices

  • Linea Saber Fencing Jacket
  • Absolute Fencing Saber Lame
  • Leon Paul Team Range Saber Lame

4. The Glove

Fencers need a special glove to protect their weapon hand from injury and ensure a secure grip. The cuff of the glove should cover at least half the forearm.

Top Glove Choices

  • Blue Gauntlet 3-Weapons Fencing Glove
  • Absolute Fencing's AF Electric Saber Glove
  • Leon Paul's Griptonite Saber Glove

5. The Body Cord

A body cord is necessary to connect the fencer to the scoring system. In saber fencing, a specific two-pin body cord is required.

Top Body Cord Choices

  • Absolute Fencing's Standard 2-Prong Body Cord
  • Allstar's "Economy" Saber Body Cord
  • Leon Paul's Sabre Two-Pin Plug

Saber Sport Fencing Equipment Example:

To assemble and put on your saber fencing equipment, follow these steps:

1. Put on your fencing jacket and make sure it's securely zipped up.

2. Next, wear the metallic lame over your jacket, ensuring that it covers the target area.

3. Put on your glove, making sure that the cuff covers at least half of your forearm.

4. With your mask, adjust the straps for a snug and secure fit.

5. Finally, connect your body cord to your saber and the scoring system after conducting proper inspection and maintenance.

Now that you're armed with knowledge about the essential saber fencing gear, you're ready to dive into the exciting sport or upgrade your existing equipment! Be sure to share this article with fellow fencers or friends who may be interested in trying saber fencing. Explore Anchorage Fencing Club's other guides for more insights and information on everything fencing-related. En garde!


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