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In The Sport Of Fencing What Is They Say Before They Start

In The Sport Of Fencing What Is They Say Before They Start

En garde! The captivating world of fencing has intrigued countless people with its exhilarating combination of speed, technique, and strategy. As you embark on your fencing journey, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the essential terms and conventions that govern this ancient sport. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating phrase fencers say before they begin a match and learn why it holds such paramount significance in the fencing world.

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The Role of Language in Fencing

The Salute: A Gesture of Respect

The Role of Language in Fencing

Fencing has its origins in Europe, and the sport's global language has historically been French. The French terms used for commands and salutes have been passed down through generations, preserving the traditions and history of fencing. This rich linguistic heritage is part of what makes fencing a unique and engaging sport.

Typical Fencing Commands

Before we examine the specific phrase fencers say before they start, it is essential to understand other significant commands. Here are some common fencing terms you will encounter:

  • En garde: This command indicates that both fencers must assume the "on guard" position, ready to engage.
  • Allez: The referee signals the commencement of the bout with this command, which means "go" in French.
  • Halt: The referee uses this command to stop the action temporarily, usually due to a rule infraction, an injury, or after a point is scored.

The Salute: A Gesture of Respect

In fencing, the salute is a gesture that demonstrates mutual respect and sportsmanship between opponents. It is customary for fencers to salute each other and the referee before and after each bout. Saluting opponents is considered essential in maintaining the dignity and camaraderie of the sport. Refusing to offer a salute could result in a penalty or disqualification.

What Do Fencers Say Before They Start?

Now that we have covered the basics of fencing language and saluting, let us explore the central question at hand. In the sport of fencing, before fencers engage in combat, they say "En garde, prêt, allez!", which translates to "On guard, ready, go!" The fencers then execute the following sequence:

  1. Upon hearing "En garde," both fencers assume the "on guard" position.
  2. The referee then says "prêt," asking the fencers if they are prepared to fence. The competitors typically nod or otherwise indicate they are ready.
  3. Finally, the referee commands, "allez!" and the bout begins.

In The Sport Of Fencing What Is They Say Before They Start Example:

Imagine you are attending a fencing competition between two skilled opponents. Before the bout begins, you will see the following sequence:

  • The fencers approach each other and salute with their weapons, paying respect to one another and acknowledging their readiness for the match.
  • Next, the fencers salute the referee, who will be overseeing the bout and ensuring adherence to rules and safety guidelines.
  • Both fencers assume the "en garde" position and wait for the referee's commands.
  • The referee beckons "En garde, prêt, allez!" and the bout springs into action.

The fascinating sport of fencing offers a rich and colorful tapestry of language, history, and tradition. The customary phrase "En garde, prêt, allez!" serves as a rallying call that marks the commencement of the fencing bout and represents the spirit of respect among competitors. As you continue your exploration into the thrilling world of fencing, we invite you to immerse yourself further in our collection of in-depth guides on Anchorage Fencing Club. Don't forget to share this article with your fellow enthusiasts and be sure to check back for more captivating articles on fencing, its techniques, and the best fencing equipment!


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