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Fencing Sport Equipment

Fencing Sport Equipment

Are you new to the exhilarating world of fencing or looking to upgrade your current fencing gear? Welcome to the ultimate guide on fencing sport equipment, where we will cover everything you need to perform at your best – from the essential pieces of protective gear to choosing the right weapon.

The Three Weapon Types in Fencing

Before delving into fencing equipment, it's important to understand the three types of weapons used in this sport: Foil, Épée, and Sabre. Each weapon requires a distinctive set of equipment to ensure the fencer's safety and proper performance.


  • The foil is a light and flexible weapon, primarily used for thrusting and targeting the opponent's torso.
  • (Note: In foil fencing, hits must be made with the tip of the weapon to count as a score.)


  • The épée is a heavier and stiffer weapon compared to the foil, used for thrusting and targeting anywhere on the opponent's body.
  • (Note: In épée fencing, scoring is allowed with the tip of the weapon as well.)


  • The sabre is a cutting and thrusting weapon, primarily targeting the opponent's upper body.
  • (Note: In sabre fencing, scoring is allowed with the edges of the weapon along with the tip.)

Essential Fencing Sport Equipment

Here are the key pieces of equipment you'll need to participate in the exciting sport of fencing:

1. Fencing Mask

The fencing mask is designed to protect your head and neck from any stray hits. It is crucial to select a durable and well-fitting mask with proper ventilation for comfort during a match.

2. Jacket

Fencing jackets are padded and designed specifically to protect the fencer's torso. Make sure to find one that fits well, allowing for full range of motion during a bout without any inhibitions.

3. Underarm Protector (Plastron)

An additional layer of protection for your side, the underarm protector is worn beneath the fencing jacket, providing extra padding against hits.

4. Glove

Fencing gloves protect your weapon hand and provide the necessary grip to wield your weapon effectively. Look for a glove that fits snugly but comfortably.

5. Knickers (Breeches)

Fencing knickers are padded pants designed to protect the fencer's legs. Ensure they fit well to allow for unrestricted movements while on the strip.

6. Socks

Long fencing socks are essential for protecting the lower legs and must be pulled up to cover any exposed skin when wearing knickers.

7. Fencing Shoes

Fencing shoes provide proper grip and support while ensuring freedom of movement on the strip. Invest in a pair designed specifically for fencing to maximize agility and avoid slips.

8. Chest Protector

An additional layer of protection for the chest area, especially recommended for women and young fencers.

9. Weapon and Body Cords

You'll need to purchase the appropriate weapon for your chosen discipline, along with a body cord to connect your weapon and scoring system. Each weapon type has specific cords, so make sure to select the right one for your needs.

Fencing Sport Equipment Example:

Here's a realistic example of what your fencing sport equipment setup could look like:

1. Fencing Mask: Absolute Fencing Gear's Standard 3-Weapon Mask

2. Jacket: Leon Paul's Women's Team Range Fencing Jacket

3. Underarm Protector: PBT Plastron

4. Glove: Uhlmann Fencing Glove

5. Knickers: Adidas Fencing Knickers

6. Socks: Blue Gauntlet Fencing Socks

7. Fencing Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Fencer

8. Chest Protector: QP sport CoolGuard Chest Protector

9. Weapon: Allstar Foil with French Grip

10. Body Cord: Allstar Foil Body Cord

That's it! You're now equipped with the knowledge necessary to select the right fencing sport equipment for your needs. Remember that comfort, safety, and functionality should be your top priorities when purchasing any gear. Share this article with fellow fencers and be sure to explore other guides on the Anchorage Fencing Club blog for more invaluable insights to elevate your fencing game.


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